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"The best way to predict the future is to create it..." ​


In order to truly transform, we must have a concise vision in mind with a clear, heartfelt intentions. Vanessa and Erika bring workshops to the table that leave you with a path forward.

For personal well being we need to be cognizant of mind, body and heart. Life can get hectic, and with a busy life and constant commotion, it can be difficult to hear what we are truly craving through all of the noise. Many of us already know what we want, STRIDE is designed to help you go and get it.

STRIDE will provide you with the tools to take home and create space for your needs. At STRIDE, you will be able to tap into some tricks to get your body feeling energized and your mind focused.


Vanessa Lesperance consistently goes after the things that she wants - she played college basketball, joined a semi-professional burlesque company, and has now started her own business: Coach V.  Vanessa faces obstacles and challenges with an uncanny ability see beyond the obstacles with clarity and purpose.


With over 10 years corporate leadership experience, Vanessa has launched her own coaching business, where she works with entrepreneurs, managers, and individuals. She has the goal of helping others relentlessly pursue their vision for their life.  


It is her mission to help people live intentionally (both at and away from work). She is currently attending Royal Roads University pursuing her masters degree in organizational leadership.

SPECIALTIES: Intrinsic Goal Setting, Coaching, Organizational Leadership, Business, Sales, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Public Speaking, Worklife, Communication, Conflict Resolution

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Erika Doehring

Erika Doehring is a proud of her roots. She is a Gwich’in and Dene granddaughter and her mother was born in Germany. Erika is constantly on a journey of discovering her culture and connecting to her story.

She has always danced to her own drum, and resisted conformity by following her heart. From starting her own businesses to living in Germany and Australia and painting in the prairies, Erika has uncompromisingly walked her path and followed her calling. This is something that she brings to her style of facilitation, using authentic understanding to foster meaningful connection and discussion in the space. 

Throughout her entrepreneurial endeavors, Erika has worked over 10 years as a freelance sales person, writer, marketer and artist. She has been practicing Reiki and meditation for over twenty years. Painting, writing and performance art has been a tool for Erika to overcome trauma and consistently rediscover herself.


Erika says, “Painting is how I show myself to the world. Writing is how I reveal myself to me. Art was not something I just learned, it was a gift that I was given and it has been my honour to hone my craft and use it to create magical spaces for transformation.” 


Erika now spends most of her time creating artwork and facilitating groups to step into their own form and style of creation.